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Welcome to the North Orange County Chamber, originally the Orange County Chamber and previously the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce. With a legacy spanning over 131 years since its establishment in 1893, we have been dedicated to serving Orange County and the local business community.


As a membership-driven organization, the North Orange County Chamber operates as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, meaning that all revenues are reinvested into the organization to support and give back to the local business communities we serve.


Please note that NOCC does not receive any funding from Federal, State, or City sources. Additionally, we are proud to have the 501(c)(3) North Orange County Works Foundation, which is dedicated to providing charitable and educational support.

Sponsorship Opportunities

No mater what type of business you are in, community awareness and public relations are as essential as advertising! 

The North Orange County Chamber offers members the opportunity to sponsor its events, providing them with several benefits. By sponsoring chamber events, businesses can effectively market themselves to a broad audience of professionals and potential customers. This sponsorship creates brand visibility and enhances credibility within the local business community.


Furthermore, sponsoring chamber events allows businesses to demonstrate their commitment to supporting the local economy and the business community's growth as a whole. By aligning themselves with the chamber's mission, companies can showcase their corporate social responsibility and foster positive relationships with other business owners.


The impact of sponsorship goes beyond individual businesses. It contributes to the overall success and vibrancy of the business community in North Orange County. Sponsors play a crucial role in funding educational programs, resources, and initiatives that benefit all. Their support helps create a thriving environment for businesses to thrive and grow.


In conclusion, sponsoring the North Orange County Chamber's events provides businesses with marketing opportunities, strengthens their reputation, and contributes to the growth and success of the local business community.


In addition to boosting visibility and corporate image, sponsorship offers remarkable benefits:


AMPLIFY your presence and share your story on our influential podcast, ChamberTalk.

EXPAND your reach through our monthly e-newsletter, reaching over 15,000 targeted contacts.

SHOWCASE your business on our vibrant social media channels with 22,000+ organic followers. Maximize your impact!


For more information and to take advantage of such an opportunity, call (714) 871-3100 or email

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