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Certificates of Origin

A certificate of origin certifies the country where the goods originated, and it may be required by the government of the country where your goods are imported. It's also frequently used to determine how much duty the importer will pay to bring in your goods.

North Orange Chamber processes and seals Certificates for members and non members.  Members investing at the Premium level or above are provided unlimited Certificates of Origin at no additional cost.  Those investing at lower levels may obtain certificates for a fee of $50 per certification.

Call 714-871-3100 with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Obtaining Your Certificate of Origin

  1. Complete all fields required on document.  A standard form is accepted by most countries, however exceptions apply.
  2. Provide either manufacturer's documentation or commercial invoice indicating where your goods are manufactured.
  3. Certificates of Free Sale may be certified by the NOCC. Please call for more information
  4. All certifications are processed by appointment only.  Call 714-871-3100 to make arrangements.
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