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Certificates of Origin

A Certificate of Origin shows where goods come from and might be needed by the country you're sending them to. It's important because it helps decide how much tax the person receiving the goods has to pay.


The North Orange Chamber can help with this for both members and non-members. Members get a certain number of Certificates of Origin for free, based on their membership level. Non-members can get certificates for $50 each.


There's also something called a Certificate of Free Sale. This is like a permission slip for products, saying they meet the rules and can be sold freely. Most documents require a notary stamp, and the Chamber can do that for an extra fee, whether you're a member or not. This extra service is not included in any membership level.


Most paperwork can be done on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and if you need something notarized, plan for a 2-day wait. If you have questions or need an appointment, call 714-871-3100 or email

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