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North Orange County Chamber: A 131-Year Legacy of Business Excellence and Community Impact

Welcome to the North Orange County Chamber (NOCC), a respected establishment with a long-standing history deeply intertwined with the growth and development of our region. Originally established in 1893 as the Orange County Chamber, our journey through time reflects a commitment to progress, service, and collaboration.


Throughout the early 1900s, we played a pivotal role in shaping the region, with landmark achievements such as the formation of the Fullerton Volunteer Fire Department in 1908. In 1920, recognizing the evolving landscape and our deep-rooted connection to Fullerton, the Chamber changed its original name to the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce. This marked a significant moment in our history, aligning our identity with the city we were proudly formed in.


Another milestone came in 1927 when we transformed an abandoned sewer farm into a landing field and airport, showcasing our innovative spirit and dedication to enhancing the community's infrastructure. Our commitment to community development extended into the late 1950s, where we played a vital role in securing land for what is now California State University, Fullerton, solidifying our role in shaping the educational landscape of our region.


In 2014, recognizing the evolving needs of our dynamic region, we expanded our focus and changed our name to North Orange County Chamber, solidifying our role as a Regional Chamber exclusively representing the cities of Buena Park, Fullerton, La Palma, and Stanton. Despite this shift, our legacy, seniority, and size position us as a resource with influence that spans across Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County.


As a non-profit organization federally recognized as a 501(c)(6), we have proudly served as a prominent fixture in the business world for 131 years. What sets us apart is our financial and nonpartisan independence – receiving no support from local, state, or federal governments. All our revenue is dedicated to supporting our members and the broader community.


Joining the North Orange County Chamber is not just a matter of affordability; it's an investment in your entity's success. Our legacy speaks volumes, and our services, shaped by experience, are designed to empower and propel your enterprise forward. By affiliating with one of California's oldest Chambers of Commerce and the first in Orange County, you're not just joining an organization; you're becoming part of a dynamic force committed to driving business excellence.


Beyond our core Chamber, we extend our impact through The Works Foundation of North Orange County, a 501(c)(3) foundation, and ImPACt NOC, our Political Action Committee. These arms of our organization amplify our commitment to community welfare, collaboration, and responsible governance.


In our ever-evolving story, the North Orange County Chamber remains an enduring force, connecting businesses, community members, and government for mutual growth and prosperity. Join us in shaping the future as we continue making history together!

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