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"Join our vibrant community and stay ahead with the latest insights."

Empowering Economic Success through Strong Business Member Support

Since 1893

"Experience the benefits associated when joining the most prominent business networking community in North Orange County."

Imagine being part of an incredible network that is solely dedicated to your business's success and the prosperity of the entire region.


Welcome to the North Orange County Chamber—a dynamic community driven by the common goal of supporting businesses and ensuring regional economic success. In today's interconnected world, customers are no longer confined by location; they are eagerly waiting in neighboring towns and bustling cities, ready to discover what you have to offer.


By joining the North Orange County Chamber, you gain access to a powerful support system designed to accelerate your business's trajectory to new heights. Whether you're seeking to expand your customer base, forge invaluable connections, or navigate the ever-changing business landscape, we've got you covered.


We understand the challenges you face, and we are here to help you overcome them. Together, we will build a vibrant and thriving business community that leverages the collective power of its members. As a member, you'll be part of an exclusive network that opens doors to endless possibilities—where collaboration is encouraged, innovative ideas flourish, and business opportunities abound.


Take action now and become part of a network that empowers your business for a brighter future!

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Supporting Business for Regional Economic Success

Chamber Leadership


Andrew W. Gregson

President & CEO

Jessica Fernandez

Jessica Fernandez

Chair of the Board

Chair-Elect Lauren Sweeney

Lauren Sweeney

Chair Elect

Annie Yea

Annie Yea

Vice Chair

Treasuer, Annie Liu-Amoa

Annie Liu-Amoah


Gabby Mullinax

Gaby Mullinax

Member At large


Helen Eligio

Member At Large

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