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A workforce that works for you.

In our region, the skills gap is increasingly expressed in terms of its significant effect on entry- and mid-level jobs, defined as positions that do not necessarily require a bachelor’s degree but require training or some level of education beyond high school – a certification or associates degree gained through community colleges.

The skills gap, more specifically, has been in the lack of potential employee’s employability skills or ‘core competencies’, work ethic, eye contact, motivation, communication, etc.

In partnership with the Orange County Department of Education through the OC Pathways program and the North Orange County Community College District, the North Orange County Chamber is playing an active role in closing the skills gap with the North Orange County Works (NOW) program.

How will we close the skills gap?

North Orange County Works (NOW) facilitates and builds relationships between industry professionals and educators to develop a highly-qualified and well-educated workforce.

  • In aligning education and training with employer needs, we identify and address industry specific skill gaps and needs.
  • Develop, expand and upgrade the skills of the existing and future workforce
  • Support and grow the infrastructure for internship opportunities
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