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  • Working From Home? It’s Still All About Safety

    Working from home has its perks. Less commuting leads to more family time and cleaner air, among them.

    And there are more people than ever working from home now because of the COVID-19 pandemic and California’s Stay-at-Home order.

    However, with the perks come some potential safety risks, including electrical hazards. From overloaded outlets to overused extension cords, the risks can be significant in home offices or for those working anywhere within the home.

    “No matter where you work, it’s always most important to be safe,” said Andrew Martinez, vice president of Safety, Security and Business Resiliency at Southern California Edison. “But when working from home, you should be particularly careful in properly using your electronics, outlets and extension cords. Overstressed extension cords, for example, can deteriorate and create shock and fire hazards. And they should only be used temporarily anyway.”