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  • Work Efficiency: How Business Owners Can Get More Done by Working Less

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    July 26, 2019

    Barry Moltz, Small Business Expert, Shafran Moltz Group

    Reprinted from American Express.com

    "There aren't enough hours in the day" is a lie we tell ourselves as we procrastinate. There is enough time to get the critical things done daily if we create and follow a constant process.

    The common refrain from business owners is that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Their “to-do list" seems to grow everyday instead of getting smaller. People have started to compete based on how "unbelievably busy" they are. Somehow, busyness has become a strange badge of honor. They confuse being busy with being productive, instead of investing in better work efficiency.

    In my experience, there is plenty of time to get the critical tasks completed daily that are important to your business. It's not a time problem, but a lack-of-attention issue. During most of the day, your focus is constantly competing with all types of distractions—phone calls, texts, email, social media notifications and other interruptions—that affect your work efficiency.

    But there are ways to get more done by working less.

    1. Practice ruthless prioritization.

    You must focus each day on what tasks are really going to make a difference in your company. You can write down three critically important monthly goals and ensure that each important daily task is part of accomplishing them.

    Rank all tasks on your to-do list by urgency and importance. Do the urgent and important ones first, and delegate the tasks that are urgent but not important. Tasks that are important but not urgent can be scheduled for a later date.

    Finally, if the task is not urgent and not important, take it off the list!  Read steps 2-10

    Barry Moltz, Small Business Expert, Shafran Moltz Group