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  • When Will We Be Back to Normal??

    A Message from Fullerton's City Manager 

    That’s the question that everyone is asking - from parents of school age children, small business owners, and frankly everyone who is trying their best to follow health guidance as well as make a living.

    The Governor recently released his California Pandemic Roadmap - a strategy to emerge from the Stay at Home order through Stages. Currently we are in Stage 1, with Stage 4 being a complete end to the Stay at Home order. Currently, cities across the County are working together to implement protocols and develop documentation to help our businesses, City services, and the general community move into Stage 2. According to the  Governor’s plan, we are able to move into Stage 2 when we achieve the following:

         Hospitalization and ICU trends stable.
         Hospital surge capacity to meet demand.
         Sufficient PPE supply to meet demand.
         Sufficient testing capacity to meet demand.
         Contact tracing capacity statewide

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