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  • West Coast Organizations Promote Trade to Fuel Economic Recovery

    By  Susanne T. Stirling  - 

    The California Chamber of Commerce, the Pacific Northwest International Trade Association and the Washington Council on International Trade shared their support and principles for trade rebound this week in a joint letter to President Donald J. Trump with copies to U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Robert Lighthizer, and the congressional delegations of California, Oregon and Washington.

    As our economy slows, it is critical that we expand international trade and investment opportunities, promote market access for domestic products abroad, and eliminate disincentives that impede the global competitiveness of U.S businesses and farmers.

    California, Oregon and Washington are highly trade reliant. As producers of a wide array of products—from apples, soft-white wheat and nuts, to planes, athletic footwear and software—the West Coast states are a trade powerhouse.  Read More