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  • Trouble Brewing: Why Tariffs are Making it Harder to Make American Beer

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    May 03, 2019

    Pretty much everything in a brewery that isn’t an ingredient or a stool is made of metal.

    It’s a lesson Sam Masotto, the owner of Bonn Brewing, a small brewing company on the south side of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has learned well.

    The end of the month will mark the two-year anniversary since he went from brewing beer in his kitchen with his wife to a small brewery with eight people on the payroll. In that time he’s become a father, seen his employees have kids. And like many business owners, he has dreams of a future where those kids will play together and eventually work in the brewery to carry on the tradition.

    But rising costs, due to the brewing trade war, are threatening those dreams.
    “We are very big on serving my community, and buying American products, and being a great representation of an American business,” he says. “We use a lot of metal here. When the price of metal goes up we definitely feel the ripple effects.”  Read More