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  • Celebrating Women’s Equality Day -- Looking Toward a More Equal Future

    MICHELLE RUSSO - Chief Communications Officer, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    From Main Street shops to Wall Street boardrooms, the American business community is striving to become increasingly diverse, with a growing focus on inclusion, equality, and social responsibility, and with calls for greater gender and racial diversity across all sectors of the economy. 

    This week, as America prepares to celebrate Women’s Equality Day, which marks the adoption of our 19th Constitutional Amendment in 1920 granting women the right to vote, the U.S. Chamber is highlighting the progress women in business have made and the steps needed to create equal economic opportunities for all women. It is important to note that while the 19th Amendment represented an immense step forward for the women’s equality movement and years of hard work by suffragettes, some women, particularly women of color, still faced discrimination and obstacles to voting even after the legislation was passed. It took further steps and legislative activity to build toward this promise of equality put forward by the 19th Amendment.   
    This year’s Women’s Equality Day brings unique significance as it marks the 100-year anniversary of this landmark legislation. As we celebrate the barriers that have been broken and the progress brought by the 19th Amendment, we also recognize the steps that must still be taken to achieve greater equality for women, particularly women of color.  Read More