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  • The Future of Work Is Here

    Remote work is here to stay, and nimble firms that also focus on the human experience will be best positioned to succeed in the long run, according to a trio of Cal State Fullerton management professors.

    Jay Barbuto, Gerard Beenen and Shaun Pichler agree that agility is the common thread among organizations that are surviving or thriving amid the COVID-19 health crisis, and agility will continue to be highly valued afterward. However, the ability to quickly pivot an organization's strategy, operations or business model needs to be combined with a leadership style that values listening, inclusion and compassion to support the human elements involved in rapid change.

    Remote Work: The New Normal

    "A realization has emerged amid the pandemic that the traditional 'work-at-the-office contract' is not, in all cases, the best mode for productive employee engagement," said Barbuto, director of the Center for Leadership and professor of management.  Read More