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  • The Age of Retraining: How Employers Are Working to Upskill Employees and Stave Off the Rise of the Machines

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    December 07, 2018

    When economists and editorialists speak in worried tones about America’s “skills gap,” they’re referring to the mounting number of jobs that require some degree of technical know-how and the relative dearth of qualified candidates to fill them.

    For Traci Tapani, the phenomenon is no mere abstraction. It’s a potential company killer.

    “What we’ve started to see — and we started seeing this a decade ago, at least — is that the skills that people could bring to the job were different than they were in the past,” she told The 74 in an interview. “And it’s just progressively gotten worse. When we combine a very tight labor force with the fact that people don’t really have the skills you’re looking for, we’re in uncharted territory.”

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