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    Nationwide and within Orange County, the mortality and hospitalization rates for COVID-19 appear to be declining. While we remain aggressively involved in clinical trials and research to test and develop more effective treatments, we are optimistic and hopeful this trend will continue.

    As media and public attention has focused on coronavirus, other important health issues have been overlooked: A recent study found an almost 50 percent decrease in the diagnosis of six common cancers since the epidemic began. This decrease is, unfortunately, not the result of a drop in breast, colon, esophageal or lung cancer rates, but simply a dramatic decline in diagnosis and testing.

    As you know, delays matter when it comes to surviving cancer and dozens of other conditions—just one of the reasons it’s time to start focusing on preserving and improving your health, not simply avoiding COVID-19. From cancer screenings to chronic back pain, it’s time to schedule the care you need.
    We are often asked if it’s safe to visit St. Jude. The answer: It would be difficult to find a safer place. St. Jude has earned a long list of quality awards by focusing on the smallest details of patient safety, and during the outbreak that emphasis has only intensified. Here’s a few of the ways we’re keeping you safe:
    • Whether patients come through our front door or our Emergency Department (ED), they are greeted by caregivers who screen for COVID-19 symptoms. Our physicians and caregivers are also continuously screened for symptoms and wear appropriate protective equipment.
    • Very early on, we created distinct, separate areas within our ED allowing us to screen and care for any respiratory illness or suspected COVID patient in isolation. Creating a separate treatment area with its own unique processes and protocols allows our ED staff to continue to treat all medical concerns. COVID-19 patients at St. Jude are cared for in an isolated, dedicated unit. The caregivers and physicians assigned to this unit take the appropriate safety precautions when entering and leaving the area.
    • All patients undergoing invasive or surgical procedures are given a COVID-19 test before their procedure for their safety and that of our physicians and caregivers.
    If you are due for an annual screening or have been putting off dealing with a health issue, it’s time. COVID-19 will likely remain a concern for several more months, but it could prove far less dangerous to your well-being than the issue you’re ignoring.

    Brian Helleland, Chief Executive Officer
    St. Jude Medical Center