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    May 07, 2019

    Energy Futures Initiative, a research center founded by former Secretary of Energy Ernest J. Moniz, recently released its anticipated report on the pathways for achieving deep decarbonization in California.  The report’s findings are in line with SoCalGas’ vision for a broad, integrated and inclusive energy future.  

    Some of the key takeaways from the report are:

    • Energy efficiency is likely to be the most cost-effective approach to decarbonization in the energy end-use sectors in California.
    • Clean fuels like renewable natural gas (RNG), hydrogen and biofuels are critical clean energy pathways.
    • Natural gas generation will continue to play the key role in providing California’s electric grid with operational flexibility and enabling the growth and integration of intermittent renewables.
    • Seasonal storage technologies will be critical as California moves toward its deep decarbonization goals.

    The EFI report concludes there is no “silver bullet” technology for deep decarbonization. Significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions will require us all to work together. For the full report, click here.

    SoCalGas' commitment to California's environmental goals includes their plan to combat climate change, focus on energy affordability, develop long-term renewable energy storage using existing infrastructure, and aid in promoting rapid consumer adoption.

    The plan involves replacing 20% of our traditional natural gas supply with renewable natural gas captured from landfills, farms and wastewater treatment plants by 2030, as well as working on multiple research projects, including with UC Irvine, which study how the state’s natural gas infrastructure can be used for long term energy storage.

    This plan, along with Energy Futures Initiative's report, show that electrification is not the only way for California to achieve its environmental goals.