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  • Senator Chang Fights for California's Newspapers and Freelance Journalists

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    January 29, 2020
    Sacramento, CA - Senator Ling Ling Chang (R-Diamond Bar) announced she has co-authored two bills to help newspapers and freelance journalists operate in California by exempting them from Assembly Bill 5, the state's new anti-independent contracting law.

    "AB 5 is creating a mess and punishing independent contractors," said Senator Chang. "Instead of micromanaging the labor market, we need to reform AB 5 and help California's newspapers and journalists operate normally. We have to fight for our hardworking individuals if we want to keep a diverse and dynamic economy."

    Senate Bills 867 and 868, coauthored by Senator Chang and introduced by Senator Pat Bates, address separately the concerns of newspapers and freelance journalists. Both bills are currently pending referral to Senate policy committees.

    SB 867 would permanently exempt newspaper distributors and carriers from AB 5. Meanwhile, SB 868 would exempt freelance journalists from AB 5, which limits freelance journalists to just 35 stories a year if they wish to remain an independent contractor.