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  • Rideshare and On-Demand Delivery Drivers Rally at State Capitol

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    July 09, 2019

    LA Times Endorses Dynamex Fix


    Hundreds of rideshare and on-demand delivery drivers are scheduled to rally at the State Capitol at 12:30 p.m. today, July 9, to urge the Legislature to create a policy that will protect their ability to work as independent contractors.

    Coming on the heels of a Los Angeles Times editorial calling for a fix to the Dynamex decision that will protect workers in the “gig economy,” workers will demand the Legislature not infringe on their employment opportunities and scheduling flexibility.

    The Los Angeles Times editorial headline on Dynamex and the gig economy underscores the magnitude of lawmakers’ decisions on this issue in the coming weeks — “California legislators could save gig workers – or ruin the part-time economy.”

    Expanding Worker Classifications

    One of the major unresolved elements of Assembly Bill 5, legislation on Dynamex, is how California should classify gig economy workers. These workers typically work part-time, and, if they are required to become employees, will lose the flexible work model which likely prompted them to become rideshare or on-demand delivery drivers in the first place.

    In its editorial, the Los Angeles Times suggests that a possible solution for gig workers in the wake of Dynamex might be to expand the definition of who is an employee. The editorial board writes, “…a better approach would be to give more wage and labor protections to independent contractors…That would offer more help to part-time workers than reclassifying them as employees and robbing them of the flexibility and opportunities that attracted them to the work in the first place.”   Read More