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  • Prenatal Care During the Coronavirus

    Being pregnant during the coronavirus might feel like a challenge. You may be feeling a little nervous and unsure of what to do, but you’re not alone. No one has been through this before, and it’s completely normal to feel that way, but your growing pregnancy still needs the right care. With upcoming appointments, questions, and concerns, what do you do next?

    The doors VCC: The Gary Center in La Habra are staying open because even when the rest of the world stops, health doesn’t. To comply with social distancing and keep patients as healthy and safe as possible, VCC: The Gary Center’s prenatal department has begun to rely heavily on the use of Telehealth, and restructured when in-person visits occur for pregnant women. Regardless of the pregnancy, experts are all still advocating for the continuation of care to avoid any negative impacts that can come from lack of access.

    Telehealth will allow for some visits to be done from the comfort of the patient’s home through phone or video, while other visits are still better done in person – think ultrasounds and measurements. To give the best in quality care for you and your baby, VCC: The Gary Center has created a new approach to prenatal care that combines the virtual with the physical. Clinicians want to keep you and your baby healthy, so they only will do what is necessary in person for patient safety and ease.

    Concerns about leaving your house are understandable, but there are things you can do to stay healthy at your prenatal appointment. VCC: The Gary Center has hand washing stations available outside all of its clinic entrance, and they can provide you a face mask for protection. If you have an upcoming appointment, or you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant, VCC: The Gary Center can help walk you through the process and answer your questions. The clinic wants to make sure that everyone is being taken care of. You are encouraged to call or text 844.308.5003 to speak with a clinician about what works best for you. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@vistacommunityclinic), or Twitter (@vcchealthcare).