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  • PPP Helped CA-39 Retain More Than 155,000 Jobs

    Today, Representative Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr. (CA-39) announced that the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) benefited 11,067 small businesses and retained 155,053 jobs in the 39th District. To view a list of CA-39 PPP recipients, click here.
    “The Paycheck Protection Program has been a lifeline for 39th District small businesses. It has helped more than 11,000 small businesses stay afloat and kept over 155,000 people employed in our district,” said Rep. Cisneros. “Through our congressional calls for transparency, the American people can finally see where their taxpayer dollars are going. However, this partial disclosure from SBA and Treasury is not enough, we need full transparency. As a former small business owner, it’s alarming that big corporations were able to receive this small business loan, while some small businesses were shut out.”
    Rep. Cisneros has been a strong advocate for transparency over the small business emergency loan program. On June 18th, he sent a letter to the Treasury Secretary and SBA Administrator urging for the immediate disclosure of PPP loan information. On May 20th, Rep. Cisneros also sent a letter to congressional leadership calling for oversight and transparency over PPP.
    On May 28th, Rep. Cisneros voted to pass bipartisan legislation, which he cosponsored, to improve PPP and  make it easier for the loan to be forgiven and more accessible to small businesses that need it the most.
    On July 1st, the House voted to extend the PPP application deadline to August 8th under unanimous consent.