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  • Orange County Public Safety Agencies Launch Text-to-911

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    February 08, 2019
    Orange County law enforcement and fire dispatch centers, including those in the City of La Palma, are now equipped with Text-to-911. The new program was jointly launched by all the Orange County public safety agency on February 6, after nearly one year of planning.

    The community is encouraged to “Call 911 if you can, but text if cannot.” The new system will greatly help the hearing impaired, speech impaired, or those in an emergency situation who are unable to make a phone call to reach emergency Dispatchers. Calling 911 still provides the most efficient response, allowing information to be relayed to responding public safety personnel as quickly as possible. It also allows dispatchers to hear background noises or conversations and gather additional information.

    Text to 911 Tips:
    • Ensure location services on your mobile phone are turned on and be prepared to provide your location in the text.
    • To get started, type “911” in the “to” field of the text message and, in addition to your location, provide the type of emergency services you need (police, fire, or medical).
    • Use plain text and refrain from abbreviations.
    • Dispatchers cannot accept pictures, videos, or icons.
    • Text-to-9-1-1 cannot be used in a group text.
    • If your text does not go through, you should receive a message to make a voice call.
    • Calling or texting 911 when it is not an emergency is a crime.