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  • New Training Program Offers Funds for Qualifying Employers

    A new program for North Orange County Chamber members can offer you a training incentive for new employees.

    In an effort to spur hiring and the minimize the costs of training new or returning staff, the Employment Training Panel (ETP) an agency under EDD is offering a payment of  $2,000 per hire, whether new or returning.  The maximum allowed is $200,000 per employer.

    This program is funded by a small tax that all businesses have been paying for over 40 years.  For those companies that takes advantage of the program it is like putting your tax dollars to work for YOU.
    There are some limitations to the companies that can participate.  ETP has designated the following industries as being able to participate in the program.

    • Healthcare

    • Food Manufacturing

    • Agriculture

    • Medical Device Manufacturing including test equipment

    If your company fits into one of these categories please click the link to learn if this program can benefit your bottom line.  For additional information and verification of your qualification, please contact Training Refund Group