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  • Member Highlight: Lux Aveda Salon/Spa

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    December 18, 2018

    With a commitment to exceptional standards of service and guest care, Luz Aveda Salon/Spa in Fullerton put their clients’ needs first. Read more about their journey in our member highlight. 

    NOCC: What is the mission of your business and how is your passion for innovation represented in your company?
    Lux: Our mission at Lux is to provide an atmosphere consisting of modern comfort with a high level of service, talent and touch. Focusing on your inner and outer well-being is our primary concern. Our company’s innovation is based on education and all things what if? As we believe that learning never ends, our company’s mission is to grow successful professionals in the beauty industry.
    NOCC: Describe how your business remains competitive.
    Lux: We are always focused on trend, technology, technical execution, consumer trends, and providing moments of customer experience. We believe there’s no one more important than the people sitting in our chairs. We know they expect the best - so we deliver it, every time. We’ve spent our lives perfecting a craft we are fiercely passionate about, and it enables us to break your vision down into the hundreds of steps needed to make it a beautiful reality.


    NOCC: What successful marketing efforts have you applied to brand your business?
    Lux: As an Aveda Corporation, we work to build the guest experience by offering complimentary services. Much of our business has been built on referrals. Lux Salon/Spa has been committed to truly exceptional standards of service and guest care since we opened in 1999. What started as a six-chair salon has become something even bigger and better than we ever could have dreamed. We have loved every step of the journey. The Chamber has been a part of this journey by keeping us informed of events and city concepts and by providing referrals.
    NOCC: Why did you choose Fullerton to locate your business? 
    Lux: Fullerton is well known for hair services so naturally we wanted to provide a natural experience alternative with an exceptional team.
    NOCC: What’s an interesting fact about your business most people don’t know?
    Lux: We are Aveda - wind powered, sustainable, cruelty free, pure plant and flower based and provide complimentary moments of wellness with each service which include - foot bath, makeup touch up, stress relieving neck and shoulder massage and hand treatment.
    NOCC: Do you have any advice for new business owners?
    Lux: Don’t be shy and stay educated.