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    December 12, 2018
    Still looking for that perfect holiday gift? Try The British Grocer in Downtown Fullerton. They offer a wide collection of British goods, from Cadbury to Royal Family-inspired items.

    What makes British Grocer different from other specialty markets?
    BG: Not only do we provide quality goods from England, but we provide our customers with a unique experience. When people walk through our doors, it is rewarding to hear them say, “I feel like I’m in a shop back home.” If the customer has never been to Britain before, we also get the same reaction of how quaint and homelike the feel of the store is to them and that it transports them into a new experience.    

    NOCC: What successful efforts have been used to market and brand your business?
    BG: Facebook has been successful in helping us to update our customers on all the new products we get in. As many returning customers know, Christmas and Easter holidays are some of our most busy times of year because we get in the unique seasonal items. We also cross market through our pub and restaurant, The Olde Ship. We have locations in Downtown Fullerton and Santa Ana. When the World Cup was going on, we had customers come in looking for banners and flags to celebrate with. We make it a point to advertise The British Grocer through our restaurants so people can bring home with them the same quality products we serve.   
    NOCC: What are some of your most popular items with your customers?  
    BG: Anything Cadbury! Our customers love their chocolate. We also get a lot of Dr. Who fans in the store, so anything affiliated with that franchise is popular as well. Of course, we also stock items inspired by the Royal Family and bestselling tea -- PG Tips.
    NOCC: As someone doing business in Fullerton, how has the chamber helped you grow?
    BG: The Chamber has been an asset by helping to connect our business with the community. Our location is a bit hidden, so it is important for us to get our name out there and being a part of the Chamber is a great way to assist with that. 
    NOCC: What advice would you give to small business owners?
    BG:: Don’t expect to have everything happen overnight. The first five years are the most difficult. You have to remain consistent in getting your name out there. It something doesn’t work the first time, keep trying.