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  • Legislature Fumbles Chance to Boost Economic Recovery

    By  Loren Kaye  - September 8, 2020

    The California Legislature fumbled a chance to boost economic recovery in the state by choosing the easy path: business-as-usual.

    Facing the three horsemen of the CApocalypse – pandemic, economic collapse, and social unrest – the Legislature instead took refuge in the warm embrace of its special interests, legislating as if millions of residents weren’t jobless and thousands of small businesses were not bankrupted.

    Economic development doesn’t do any good if a business has no customers and no jobs to offer California workers.  This year, Legislators seemed tone-deaf to the issues that are among the most important to Californians — electric reliability, ubiquitous testing and business re-opening.  Unfortunately, it seems that lack of awareness on their part is merely business-as-usual. We’re in a hole, and the Legislature continues to dig.

    This year, the Legislature passed a handful of new, unnecessary business regulations, which is not unusual for a typical year, but particularly inappropriate during a pandemic crisis.

    These include requiring businesses with as few as five employees to provide 12 weeks of protected leave each year; imposing novel, retroactive and unworkable “right of recall” for employees in certain industries; and requiring invasive and unprecedented data disclosure of tax liabilities and credits and employee pay, among others.  Read More