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  • Keeping Voter Rolls Up-to-Date: 2019 Orange County Voter List Maintenance Report Released

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    May 10, 2019
    Orange County, CA elections has been proactive in maintaining its voter database despite challenges of locating voters

    SANTA ANA, CA - May 10, 2019 - Today the Orange County Registrar of Voters released its updated 2019 Voter List Maintenance report.

    As detailed in the report the Registrar of Voters has employed the use of third-party data to maintain the accuracy of its voter registration database. Election officials throughout California currently rely on updates from the United States Postal Service (dependent on voters notifying the agency of a move), or the individual voter themselves. In contrast, the third-party data being used by Orange County has proven to be highly reliable and allows the Registrar of Voters to notify voters and update their records long before they think about notifying our office.

    These proactive efforts have been successful - since 2012 Orange County has updated 74,100 voter records of voters who have moved out of County, but did not use any of the traditional methods of notifying our office. This has reduced the number of undeliverable ballot materials to less than 2.8% (from a high of 8% in 2012).

    "What we have found is that the vast majority of individuals that move notify their banks, car lenders, family and friends – even magazine subscriptions before they change their voter registration," said Neal Kelley, Registrar of Voters. "By being proactive we can update records, with the voters' verification and in compliance with California law, and reduce costs by not mailing costly sample ballots and other election materials to incorrect addresses."

    The list maintenance process follows federal and state laws - voter registration databases typically rely on proactive updates from voters since California law does not require voters to notify election offices when they move or update their address.

    The full report can be accessed by clicking here.