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  • Inside The Capitol: Hot Issues for Week of May 6

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    May 06, 2019
    Inside the Capitol features hot legislative issues for the week along with CalChamber call to action requests on business legislation.  Hot Issues for the Week of May 6, 2019

    Monday, May 6

    Labor and Employment: 

    OPPOSE SB 135 (Jackson; D-Santa Barbara) JOB KILLER: Significant Expansion of California Family Rights Act — Significantly harms small employers in California with as few as 5 employees by requiring these employers to provide 12 weeks of a protected leave of absence each year, in addition to existing leaves of absences already required, as well as potentially requiring larger employers to provide 10 months of protected leave, with the exposure to costly litigation for any alleged violation. Senate Appropriations Committee. Send a Letter


    SUPPORT SB 659 (Borgeas; R-Fresno) JOB CREATOR: CEQA Attorney’s Fees — Would minimize frivolous CEQA litigation challenging housing projects, thereby helping to streamline their construction and reducing costs, by requiring a court to award reasonable attorney’s fees to a prevailing respondent or real party in interest in CEQA cases challenging the development of infill housing. This reduction in litigation and costs will expedite these projects, provide more housing, and additional jobs. Senate Floor.  Send a Letter

    Privacy and Consumer Protection

    SUPPORT AB 1416 (Cooley; D-Rancho Cordova): Collection and Disclosures of Consumer Personal Information — Ensures that crucial government programs can continue without interruption and that businesses can continue protecting consumers against fraud and identity theft, while still carrying out the intent of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Assembly Floor. Send a Letter

    Wednesday, May 8

    Labor and Employment

    OPPOSE AB 555 (Gonzalez; D-San Diego) UNLESS AMENDED: Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act — Amends the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act to extend the number of paid sick days employers are required to provide from 3 days to 5 days and provides state preemption for specific provisions of the Act. Assembly Appropriations Committee.  Send a Letter

    OPPOSE AB 628 (Bonta; D-Oakland) JOB KILLER: Uncapped New Leave of Absence for Employees and Their Family Members — Significantly expands the definition of sexual harassment under the Labor Code, which is different than the definition in the Government Code, leading to inconsistent implementation of anti—harassment policies, confusion, and litigation. Also, provides an unprecedented, uncapped leave of absence for victims of sexual harassment and their “family members” which is broadly defined, that will add another layer of burdens on employers and their ability to manage their workforce. Assembly Appropriations Suspense File. Send a Letter

    OPPOSE SB 142 (Wiener; D-San Francisco): Lactation Accommodation — Significantly amends current law regarding lactation accommodations by implementing new building code requirements, location standards, employer policy requirements, document retention and supplementary Labor Code penalties. Senate Appropriations Committee; Hearing: May 13. Send a Letter


    OPPOSE AB 1482 (Chiu; D-San Francisco): Statewide Rent Caps — Places rent caps on all rental housing in the State of California, including new construction, regardless of whether costs from utilities increase or capital improvements are made, thereby disincentivizing maintenance on existing units and new housing construction. Assembly Appropriations Committee.  Send a Letter  


    SUPPORT SB 621 (Glazer; D-Contra Costa) JOB CREATOR: CEQA Streamline for Affordable Housing — Streamlines litigation and thereby lower the cost to construct affordable housing projects meeting specified environmental criteria and certified under an environmental impact report by requiring that any CEQA actions challenging such projects be resolved by a court within 270 days. This reduction in litigation and costs will expedite these projects, provide more housing, and additional jobs. Senate Appropriations Committee; Hearing: May 13. Send a Letter


    OPPOSE SB 329 (Mitchell; D-Los Angeles): Costly Rental Mandate — Imposes additional and unnecessary costs on rental property owners by prohibiting rental property owners from refusing to accept tenants because they have a Section 8 voucher. Senate Appropriations Committee; Hearing: May 13.  Send a Letter

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