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  • HOT ISSUES for the Week of August 19, 2019

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    August 19, 2019

    Monday, August 19

    Climate Change
    OPPOSE AB 1046 (Ting; D-San Francisco): Increased Costs — Increases the cost of doing business in California by creating arbitrary goals that choose one technology over another. Conflicts with other laws that provide for flexibility in meeting climate goals and duplicates recently enacted study requirements. Senate Appropriations Committee.
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    Economic Development/Local Governments
    OPPOSE ACA 1 (Aguiar-Curry; D-Winters): Lowers Voter Threshold to Increase Property Taxes from 2/3 to 55% for purposes of affordable housing and public infrastructure — This constitutional amendment is overbroad because it provides increased tax authority for every government agency in California – not just cities and counties, but thousands of potentially overlapping special districts, it enables discrimination against certain classes of taxpayers, it undermines the protections of Proposition 13, and – despite its goal of increased funding for affordable housing – adds another potential layer of cost onto homeownership in California. Assembly Floor.
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    Legal Reform and Protection
    OPPOSE AB 418 (Kalra; D-San Jose): Employee-Union Agent Evidentiary Privilege — Creates a new evidentiary privilege that is one-sided and will provide a union representative with an unfair opportunity to preclude relevant evidence during litigation regarding labor disputes or collective bargaining, that may ultimately result in the miscarriage of justice. Senate Floor.
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    OPPOSE AB 1270 (M. Stone; D-Scotts Valley): Expanding False Claims Act to Include Tax Filings — Expands the False Claims Act to allow the Attorney General and private attorneys to sue taxpayers on perceived tax errors, creating inconsistent tax enforcement, litigation, and nuisance suits for taxpayers. Senate Appropriations Committee.
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    Tuesday, August 20

    OPPOSE ACA 14 (Gonzales; D-San Diego): Jeopardizes State Workforce Goals — Unnecessarily impedes the ability of the University of California (UC) campuses to use their restricted state funding in the most efficient manner possible to continue expanding enrollment without compromising on the quality of the education they provide or substantially increasing the state’s General Fund contribution by placing an unreasonable contract prohibition on the UC for support services. Senate Elections and Constitutional Amendments.
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    Wednesday, August 21

    OPPOSE JOB KILLER SB 54 (Allen; D-Santa Monica): Unprecedented Product Regulation In California — Substantially increases the cost to manufacture and ship consumer products sold in California by providing CalRecycle with broad authority to develop and impose costly and unrealistic new mandates on manufacturers of all single-use packaging and certain single-use plastic consumer products under an unrealistic compliance time frame that fails to address California’s lack of recycling and composting infrastructure. Assembly Appropriations Committee.
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    Keep Up the Pressure

    Unemployment Insurance
    OPPOSE JOB KILLER AB 1066 (Gonzalez; D-San Diego): Unemployment During Trade Disputes — Significantly increases costs on employers engaged in a trade dispute by allowing employees on strike to receive unemployment benefits if the strike lasts more than four weeks, incentivizing strikes, burdening employers, and potentially affecting the solvency of California’s UI fund. Senate Appropriations Suspense File.
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    OPPOSE AB 589 (Gonzalez; D-San Diego): New Labor Code Requirement — Creates new onerous requirements for employers to provide a worker bill of rights document to all employees, have them sign it, give them a copy of the signed document, keep the original for three years, and post the document. Additionally creates civil fine and duplicative misdemeanor liability for conduct which is already a felony under California law and prohibited federally. Assembly Floor.
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