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  • Governor's Resilience Roadmap to Guide Future Re-Opening in Fullerton

    Governor's Resilience Roadmap to Guide Fullerton in Planning Future Re-Opening of Non-Essential Businesses and Public Services

    On Tuesday, April 28th the Board of Supervisors issued guidelines for non-essential businesses to follow when they are allowed to open back up to the public. However, non-essential businesses CANNOT open at this time because the State Stay at Home order is still in effect. The Board of Supervisors does not have the authority to open up non-essential businesses and only offered that guidance to follow for when the State does allow such openings.

    The City, along with other cities in Orange County, are working to finalize an easy to use guide for all businesses and organizations that follow the Governor's strategy, also released yesterday, to re-open businesses and lift the Stay at Home order. That strategy is based on achieving certain health and safety milestones to include increased testing and making sure the most vulnerable of our population continue to be protected.

    The City expects to achieve the ability to move to Stage 2 - the opening of lower-risk workplaces, within a matter of weeks. This includes more retail options, manufacturing locations, offices, and more public spaces. To read more about the Governor's Roadmap and how it relates to Fullerton, please read our latest press release.

    We are on a path to opening back up in Orange County because we have all been doing such a great job social distancing and taking care of our most vulnerable. Please continue to stay home except for essential needs.