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  • GigabitNow Activates Gigabit Fiber Internet Services in Fullerton, California

    GigabitNow, a division of IsoFusion, a leading provider of Internet access and IT services on the west coast of the United States, announced today it has activated connectivity and began delivery of Gigabit Internet services to the residents and businesses of the city of Fullerton, California. GigabitNow is now providing Gigabit Internet services to the city of Fullerton through the FiberCityTM fiber network project.  The GigabitNow fiber-optic network will provide incredibly fast, consistent Internet speed and reliability to the entire Fullerton, California community. GigabitNow continues its efforts to meet the demand for fast, affordable Internet connectivity to communities of all sizes with Internet services that scale to today's growing needs.

    GigabitNow offers Fullerton residents a 250Mbps symmetrical Internet plan for just $60 a month and 1Gbps symmetrical Internet service for only $79, while business Internet service starts at $99 for a 1Gbps symmetrical service. GigabitNow makes it easy to sign-up with no prepayment requirement or a charge for equipment or start up costs. In addition to 100% fiber Internet connectivity, GigabitNow is offering managed Wi-Fi solutions, state of the art WiFi 6 equipment, mobile app controls, telephone services, and a full suite of IT solutions for enterprise and business customers who need national connectivity, cloud solutions and more.

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