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  • Fullerton School District's Orangethorpe School Featured Little Steven’s Roadshow in LA

    (Fullerton, CA) – Fullerton School District’s Orangethorpe School was part of Little Steven’s Roadshow in Los Angeles and included Dr. Ginger Frady, Principal at Orangethorpe School, teachers, and students interviewed about the school’s use of the TeachRock Program. TeachRock is a national curriculum initiative for students in grades K-12, created to address the challenges of an environment in which schools face cuts to arts funding. Along with Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Martin Scorcese, and Jackson Browne, Steven Van Zandt started the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation which is the parent organization of TeachRock. Little Steven’s Roadshow was co-hosted by Drew Carey and aired on Thursday, September 24, 2020, with a focus on the impact of TeachRock in education and viewed by people from all over the world. The Roadshow included Orangethorpe School’s ability to successfully put theory into action with Van Zandt sharing that visiting the school and seeing the curriculum in action, “was one of the greatest moments of my life, I’m not exaggerating. The fulfillment of a 15-year dream.” Orangethorpe School is the first to fully integrate the TeachRock Program in a complete school. Dr. Frady was joined by two of the school’s teachers and two students who were able to share first hand experiences with the TeachRock Program.

    The teachers and students spoke about the program’s ability to engage students, with one student sharing that there was, “no yawning during the lessons,” which typically does happen with the students and another adding that the interactive parts were the best. Dr. Frady and the Orangethorpe School staff were called an inspiration by both Van Zandt and Carey. Van Zandt continued by stating that his visit to Orangethorpe School in March (days before stay at home issues were made and the day before FSD went to Distance Learning), “was one of the most thrilling moments.” Added co-host Carey, the integration of TeachRock into the school is “Pandemic Positive.” A recording of the Roadshow can be viewed on YouTube or Facebook . TeachRock includes interdisciplinary, arts-driven materials designed to keep students engaged and in school. The curriculum is available to educators at no coast and includes lesson plans, historical resources, and multimedia support materials, all in alignment with national and state educational standards. It is designed to help teachers engage students by connecting the history of popular music to classroom work across disciplines. The Fullerton School District is located in northern Orange County, California and serves over 12,100 students in grades TK – 8th. The Fullerton School District includes 20 schools, 15 elementary schools, two K-8th grade schools, and three middle schools. The mission of the Fullerton School District is to work collaboratively with the community to provide an innovative, high-quality educational program for all students in a safe learning environment. The District motto, “Great Schools - Successful Kids” exemplifies the belief that all students will achieve academic excellence, acquire interpersonal skills, and develop technological expertise to contribute as productive citizens in a democratic society.

    For more information, please feel free to contact Dr. Ginger Frady/Principal at 714/447-7730 or visit www.fullertonsd.org.