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    January 18, 2019
    For the past two years, Fullerton School District has been refining programs and activities to personalize learning for every student.  One goal of the Board of Trustees is to prepare students to be successful in high school, college, and career by fostering students’ personalized interests and passions.  Dream Big is an FSD initiative to enhance personalized learning in the District.  One product of Dream Big is the PATHFinder Program.  This program is geared to prepare 5th through 8th graders on their journey to discover the best fit for high school, college, and career through strengths assessments, exploration, and discovery.   As a District, we are working collectively to ensure students are provided with the tools and resources to identify interests and a pathway to college and career by the 8th grade.
    Administrators, teachers, counselors, parents, and community members are working together to foster agents of change and empower our students to find their passion and to explore and follow a pathway to success.  The journey begins with a strengths assessment administered to all 5th grade students.  The students begin exploration of their strengths and are guided toward passion discovery.  During 6th grade, students have the opportunity to draw on their passions, complete a passion project, and showcase their work at a Passion Conference. 
    The journey continues in junior high school as students continue to refine their pathway utilizing their strengths and building on their passions.  As seventh grade students, they explore careers and participate in the Community Connections Fair and Social Enterprise Program, learning about businesses in the community and showcasing business ideas to real world professionals who provide immediate feedback to their proposed business plans and entrepreneurial ideas.  In 8th grade, the students continue to form their pathways, through personal, educational, and professional discovery.  They focus on identification of the education and training necessary to pursue their career, particularly the high school and colleges best fit for their strengths and passions.
    FSD works to provide students with personalized learning tools, resources, and opportunities to discover their pathway to success and happiness.  PATHFinder is just the beginning; FSD is set to launch Dream Catchers (students who are pursuing their passion and making their dreams a reality), and complementary programs for younger students.
    The Fullerton School District is located in northern Orange County, California and serves over 13,500 students in grades TK – 8th.  The Fullerton School District includes 20 schools, 15 elementary schools, two K-8th grade schools, and 2 middle schools.  The mission of the Fullerton School District is to work collaboratively with the community to provide an innovative, high-quality educational program for all students in a safe learning environment. The District motto, “Great Schools - Successful Kids” exemplifies the belief that all students will achieve academic excellence, acquire interpersonal skills, and develop technological expertise to contribute as productive citizens in a democratic society.  For more information, call 714/447-7400 or visit www.fullertonsd.org.
    Dr. Robert Pletka, Superintendent