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  • Fullerton College Hosts Family Night Webinars for High School Seniors

    High school seniors interested in attending Fullerton College this summer or fall will have an opportunity to learn more about the college’s resources, outreach services and tuition-free Promise Program during one of four Family Night Webinars scheduled in May.

    The webinars are offered on Zoom in both English and Spanish formats and are intended to inform high school seniors and their parents about the expanded two-year free Promise Program. The webinars will also cover eligibility requirements and step-by-step guidance on how to successfully apply to Fullerton College and the Promise Program. The presentations will also highlight how Fullerton College is supporting students in remote learning environments.

    “This year’s Family Night, although now delivered virtually, will still be an excellent opportunity for new students and their families to learn what sets Fullerton College apart from other community colleges in the area, said Counselor and Educational Partnerships & Outreach Coordinator Rolando Sanabria. “We remain committed to helping high school seniors transition to Fullerton College with as much ease as possible, even during the current shift to remote environments.”

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