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  • College Promise in California: Recommendations for Advancing Implementation, Impact, and Equity

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    November 12, 2019
    College Promise programs provide support for students to attend, persevere in, and complete college based on where they live or where they attend school. 1 It has grown from its first program 15 years ago to more than 320 programs in 47 states. 2 College Promise is not just one specific program — it serves as an umbrella that covers a wide range of programs led by colleges, universities, foundations, and local and state governments. Some only provide financial support, while others offer comprehensive financial, academic, and social support. Despite this variation, they all share a common goal — helping students succeed in higher education and beyond.

    College Promise has a sizeable and growing presence in California — a state with a strong historical commitment to accessible higher education. California also has a unique College Promise model because there is not just one state-level program with a discrete set of eligibility requirements and benefits for all students. Instead, the state provides financial support to its community colleges, enabling them to develop individual programmatic and institutional approaches that meet local student needs.  Read More