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  • Chamber Urges Support for Measure S

    North Orange County Chamber has joined a coalition of community and business leaders focused on maintaining quality of life and public safety of Fullerton's residents and supporting a YES vote on Measure S.  

    The sales tax enhancement is estimated to generate $25,000,000 in new revenue annually for the City of Fullerton if adopted by the voters. The funds would be locally-controlled and could be used for programs including maintaining 911 emergency response services and keeping public areas safe and clean; addressing homelessness; retaining local businesses and jobs; and maintaining youth programs. Other potential uses include anti-gang and senior programs. Existing City law (Ordinance #3285) requires at least 50% income from sales tax to be prioritized to address the City’s infrastructure needs including roads. 

    “Currently, nearly all sales tax revenue generated in Fullerton goes to the State or County,” explained Theresa Harvey, President & CEO of North Orange County Chamber.  “Measure S will keep more of our local sales tax funds here, dedicated to essential services and improved roads, with local citizens’ oversight.” 

    The City has cut salaries, employees and services.  Without Measure S, there is inadequate funding to maintain existing emergency service levels, repair roads, help homeless persons move off the streets and protect other essential services. 

    Measure S is one of two local measures that appear on the November 3 ballot.  The Chamber encourages all qualified voters to participate in the upcoming election.