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  • Can the City of Fullerton Seek Grants to Make Road Repairs?

    Answer:  Not for traditional road repairs such as potholes, slurry seal, grind and overlays, or street reconstructions. Those are considered maintenance and OCTA, State, and Federal grants are not available for those activities. What the City does seek and get grant funding for is when we are adding to a street such as a new turn lane or widening an arterial street. Additionally, such as on the next Council meeting, the City has been very successful in obtaining grants to increase the flow of traffic on a street such as synchronizing traffic signals and getting new equipment for the signals. Some grants, as when we turned Wilshire into a “Bike Boulevard,” allow us to also repave the street, but in general, street maintenance, specifically for residential streets, is a pure City maintenance responsibility and must be done with our own funds.