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  • California Vote by Mail in Safe Hands; Remember to Exercise Your Right to Vote

    By  Martin Wilson   -  October 13, 2020

    Democracy’s most sacred right, voting, is already underway in California with all 21 million registered voters having received a mail-in ballot.

    While voting by mail may have stirred controversy on a national level, here in California, we have grown comfortable with making our decisions around the kitchen table, marking our choices on candidates at the local, state and federal levels, as well dozens of ballot measures. In 2018, 65% of California ballots were cast early or by mail and more than 70% of us Golden Staters are registered as permanent absentee voters.

    When our choices are made, we appreciate the safety and convenience of sending in our ballots by mail or dropping them off at a secure vote center, knowing they will be handled and counted by local election officials and their staffs.  Read More