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  • California Unemployment Level Up at 4.3%; Employment Down 16,900

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    April 23, 2019

    EDD reported total employment (seasonally adjusted; March preliminary) was down 16,900 from February, while the number of unemployed rose 14,400. Unemployment rate rose to 4.3%. The unadjusted rate was up 0.2 point from the year earlier to 4.6%.

    California had the 12th highest unemployment rate.

    Total US employment saw a seasonally adjusted drop of 201,000, with the number of unemployed dropping 24,000. The unemployment rate remained at 3.8%.  Read More


    California’s seasonally adjusted labor force participation rate remained at 62.8% with a marginal loss of workers in the labor force. Nationally, the participation rate dipped to 63.0%. Although the gap has narrowed, the state continues to experience lower than average participation rates in spite of having a relatively younger population than the rest of the US.

    For the 12 months ending March 2019, the seasonally adjusted data shows the California labor force grew 1.4% compared to the rest of the US at 0.7%.


    Figure Sources: California Employment Development Department; US Bureau of Labor Statistics