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  • California Must Increase Access to Public Universities

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    April 18, 2019

    We must let more California students into public universities’ front door

    By Dick Ackerman and Mel Levine, Special to CALmatters

    Unethical and even criminal tactics used to slide students into prestigious universities cannot be tolerated. But there’s something else we should not tolerate: the insufficient higher education capacity to meet student demand in California.

    In this decade, the number of California high school graduates eligible for admission to the University of California and California State University system has increased by more than 25%.

    Applications are up 24% at UC and 18% at Cal State campuses.

    In 2017, CSU was forced to deny admission to 30,000 eligible students. Far fewer than half the eligible applicants for UC admission are accepted and at some campuses, fewer than 15% of applicants are admitted.

    The major factor in this shortfall in capacity is that the state has failed to adequately invest in higher education.  MORE

    Dick Ackerman served as minority leader of the California State. Senate. He and Mel Levine,  co-chair the California Coalition for Public Higher Education. Ackerman is a former California legislator representing Orange County. Levine is a former member of Congress from Los Angeles. They wrote this commentary for CALmatters.