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  • California Doesn’t Need Quick Re-opening. It Requires Rebuilt Confidence

    Lives vs. Livelihoods Is A Debate With Few Easy Answers

    By  | jlansner@scng.com | Orange County Register

    California’s economy doesn’t need a quick reopening. It needs a deliberate, healthy and successful one.

    It’s easy to understand why many folks are anxious to get back on the road to whatever the new normal will bring the business climate. At least 1 in 5 California workers lost their jobs due to business limitations designed to limit the spread of the killer coronavirus.

    Lives vs. livelihoods is a debate with few easy answers. I know many folks have bills to pay. Or they’re owed money by somebody out of a job. Or their business or entire industry — like mine — is hanging on by a thread. I see the passion of the protestors.

    But I also know there’s a largely silent majority who speak volumes with their compliance to “stay at home” orders. Many of these people also face financial distress and personal sacrifice but view business limitations as needed pandemic mitigation.  Read More