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  • CalChamber Presents Concise Ballot Guide

    This edition of Alert includes a special report on the November ballot measures, including brief summaries of the California Chamber of Commerce reasons for its positions on six of the 12 propositions.

    On ballot measures where the CalChamber has no position, the special report summarizes arguments for and against the propositions as presented in the 112-page official voter information guide prepared by the California Secretary of State.

    Below are the CalChamber positions on the November propositions:


    Proposition 15: Split Roll Property Tax

    Proposition 21: Expands Rent Control

    Proposition 23: State Requirements for Kidney Dialysis Clinics


    Proposition 16: Diversity in Public Employment, Education

    Proposition 20: Restricts Parole for Non-Violent Offenders

    Proposition 22: Employment Classification Rules for App-Based Drivers

    For more information, see the special report.