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  • CalChamber Outlines Subjects for Carbon-Based Sales Tax Study

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    March 25, 2019

    A California Chamber of Commerce-opposed-unless-amended bill that will increase costs and place regulatory burdens on businesses passed the Senate Environmental Quality Committee this week.

    SB 43 (Allen; D-Santa Monica) increases electricity rates and cost of transport by proposing to duplicate existing climate policy with a carbon-based sales tax, and threatens retail and manufacturing jobs by creating a cumbersome and arbitrary regulatory process. The bill proposes to create a new regulatory scheme to measure the “carbon intensity” of every product sold in California.

    In testimony to the committee, CalChamber Policy Advocate Leah Silverthorn said that while the CalChamber appreciates the desire to study carbon intensity, sales tax touches almost every part of the state’s economy. Due to the substantial economic impact, the CalChamber believes it is imperative that the study:

    • Evaluate mechanisms to ensure that a retail carbon tax avoids a regressive impact on low-income individuals and communities, and whether it is fair to apply a carbon-based tax to retail goods but not other sectors of the economy.  Read More