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  • CalChamber Identifies Four Additional Job Killer Bills

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    April 22, 2019

    The California Chamber of Commerce today added four more bills to its Job Killer list, bringing the total number of bills to 28.

    The new additions to the list are:

    AB 345 (Muratsuchi; D-Torrance) Would eliminate thousands of high paying California jobs and require California to import even more foreign oil by banning new oil and gas development, re-drilling operations, and rework operations if they are located within 2,500 feet of specified structures and facilities and authorizes local governments to enact even farther setback requirements that can exceed 2,500 feet with no limitation.

    AB 1066 (Gonzalez; D-San Diego) Would significantly increase costs on employers engaged in a trade dispute by allowing employees on strike to receive unemployment benefits if the strike lasts more than two weeks, incentivizing strikes and transforming unemployment insurance into a political tool in trade disputes.

    SB 37 (Skinner; D-Berkeley) Proposes one of the steepest corporate tax increases ever contemplated in California. The bill requires that for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2020, the rate for corporations with net income of $10 million or more be revised to instead impose a tax rate from 10.84% to 14.84%, or for financial institutions, from 12.84% to 16.84%, based on the compensation ratio of CEOs to employees of the corporation. This measure would bring the top tax rate for some companies to 22.26%, about 150% higher than today’s rate. The bill goes beyond what was contemplated in last year’s SB 1398 (Skinner), also tagged a Job Killer, which failed to pass out of the Senate policy committee.

    SB 320 (Jackson; D-Santa Barbara) Exposes businesses to costly litigation for a consumer’s assertion that any price difference on “substantially similar” goods, even a nominal amount, is based on gender and therefore the consumer is entitled to a minimum of $4,000.

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