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  • Cal State Fullerton Breaks All-Time Enrollment Records While National Averages Drop

    As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the nation, universities began to worry about declining college enrollments. Would students, burdened by illness, job losses, family stresses or unsure about virtual learning, decide to “opt out” for a semester? A year? Or longer?

    While enrollments did see a dip across the nation, Cal State Fullerton enrollment headed in the opposite direction. A record 41,408 students enrolled at the university this fall, a 3.86% increase from last year’s enrollment of 39,868.

    According to the National Student Clearinghouse, undergraduate enrollment is running 4.4% below last year’s level. For-profit four-year colleges are also showing drops. The 13.0% decline in freshmen enrollment is particularly troubling. Community colleges show the biggest decline with a 18.9% drop in freshmen enrollment. This is followed by a drop of 10.5% for public four-year colleges and 8.5% for nonprofit four-year institutions of higher education.  Read More