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    November 07, 2018
    Lilia Navarrete delivered a captivating presentation on developing effective communication amid cultural boundaries at a recent program entitled Building Bridges through Cross Cultural Communications presented by North Orange County Chamber. Navarrete, president and CEO at LKN Global Enterprises, a consulting firm working to help companies succeed in penetrating global markets, presented the remarks highlighting different values, viewpoints, and standards worldwide. With years of experience in travel, culture, and communications, Lilia shared knowledgeable examples with the audience and compared similarities and differences of many cultures.
    “When conducting global business relations it is advised to do your research on cultural norms to avoid accidentally perceived insults and build stronger global relations between different countries,” explained Navarrete. “By having these critical skills of cultural awareness in your arsenal, one can achieve a competitive advantage in the global market.

    Navarrete defined culture as the collective mental programming of the human mind that distinguishes one group of people from another. She explained the cultures of conducting business differs around the world. Among other concepts, the discussion centered around the differences business people encounter in intercultural settings such as talking or no talking during a meal, crossing your legs, and personal space.

    “Diversity can no longer be a buzzword that companies and business leaders use,” explained Theresa Harvey, Chamber President and CEO.  “It must be represented in every level of the company, its mission, and the organization’s leadership.”

    The North Orange County Chamber recognizes that inclusion is essential for business success. NOCC works to promote business and professional development opportunities that reflect the rich diversity of the region.