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  • Bills Targeting Packaging Ignore Costs, Lack of Recycling Infrastructure

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    July 01, 2019

      Adam Regele

    Identical job killer bills that will substantially disrupt the state’s economy by placing an overly broad, unrealistic source reduction, recyclability and compostable mandate on virtually all manufacturers of single-use packaging used in California are moving in the Legislature.

    The California Chamber of Commerce is opposing AB 1080 (Gonzalez; D-San Diego) and SB 54 (Allen; D-Santa Monica), which propose unprecedented product regulation in California.

    As amended on June 20 (AB 1080) and June 24 (SB 54) the bills will substantially increase the cost to manufacture and ship consumer products sold in California.

    Both bills give the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) broad authority to develop and impose costly and unrealistic new mandates on manufacturers of all single-use packaging and certain single-use plastic consumer products. The compliance time frame is unrealistic and fails to address the state’s lack of recycling and composting infrastructure.

    The CalChamber shares the goal of reducing the amount of packaging and plastics ending up in landfills or worse, the natural environment. The laudable goal of AB 1080 and SB 54, however, is undermined by their rush to a “solution” that will have significant negative environmental and economic consequences for California businesses, employees and consumers. Read More