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  • ACA 14: It’s a Prohibition, Not Just a Restriction

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    September 09, 2019
    September 9, 2019 | By: Karen Sarkissian

    There is a misconception about ACA 14…that it’s just a restriction on contracting out for the UC system. It’s not. It’s much worse. ACA 14 is a complete prohibition on contracting out for support services with the University of California. If this measure is passed by the Legislature this week and later approved by California voters, all UC support service contracts would be prohibited by this constitutional amendment. The only way the UC would ever be able to contract for support services in the future is if a subsequent bill was passed by the Legislature allowing the UC to contract, and even then, those contracts would only be allowed under extremely limited circumstances.

    ACA 14 also targets more than just UC campuses.  It impacts UC hospitals and medical centers and it will impact all of us because at some point in a Californian’s life, they will likely be a student, a patient or a loved one of a student or patient whose life or future has been or will be effected by the UC. Some of the most traumatic cases and sickest patients are taken to UC Davis Medical Center for emergency treatment or medical care because UCD Med Center is the only level 1 Trauma center in Sacramento up to the Oregon border. This measure is not just an attack on those facilities, but also all those who indirectly benefit from the UC, including businesses who are depending on the UC campuses to graduate skilled workers. We can’t expect the UC to increase enrollment to serve more students and meet the state’s future workforce needs and then completely take away the UC’s ability to operate efficiently and contract out when necessary. Read more.