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  • AB 705 Aims To Accelerate Students' Time Spent At Community Colleges

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    May 29, 2019

    Say goodbye to placement testing. Prerequisite courses will no longer be needed for students to get into math and english classes at a transfer level.

    This is due to a California bill signed by former Gov. Jerry Brown in 2017, known as Assembly Bill 705.

    The objective of AB 705 is to ensure that students are not placed into remedial courses that may “delay or deter” a students educational progress. The only exception is if it’s highly improbable for the student to thrive in the college-level course.

    “The nature of the new legislature is to not let students get trapped in non-transfer courses,” said Lisa McPheron, director of campus communications at Fullerton College

    The bill officially took effect on January 1, 2018. Each college is to ‘maximize the probability’ a student will enter and finish transfer-level coursework in the subjects of math and english within a year.

    All community colleges are required to comply to AB 705 by the fall 2019 semester.

    “The goal of AB 705 on our campus is to have more students passing math while at the same time help them save money,” said Mark Greenhalgh dean of the math & computer science division at Fullerton College.

    In addition, placement testing for both english and mathematics will be removed and support classes will be provided.

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