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  • 5 Things To Watch Down The Homestretch As California Lawmakers Return From Summer Recess

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    August 13, 2019

    Lawmakers return to California’s Capitol Monday for a final five weeks of hashing out legislation with more than 1,000 bills awaiting action.

    They’ve already passed several milestone bills this year, including ones on police use-of-force and wildfire liability. But they — and Gov. Gavin Newsom — still face some major battles, including one that pits teachers unions against charter schools and a labor-business fight over the very meaning of the word “employee.”

    Here’s what Capital Public Radio is watching heading into the homestretch of the legislative session before they adjourn on Friday, Sept. 13.

    1. Dynamex (AB 5)

    2. Charter Schools (AB 1505, AB 1507)

    3. Rent Cap (AB 1482)

    4. Consumer Privacy (AB 25)

    5. Environmental Waste (AB 1080, SB 54, AB 792 and AB 161)