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  • The NOC Chamber hosts industry focused networking opportunities including businesses and organizations from around the region. These five connection network groups meet quarterly and include a speaker, sharing important industry information and a facilitated time for question and answer of the individuals that are present.


    Manufacturing Council

    Manufacturing in NOC is one of the largest industries we host. From import/exporters to food production and aviation part production, the region is home to the much. Connecting the individuals that work in manufacturing allows the major regional employers to work together on the topics of today.

    Hospitality, Retail & Tourism Connections

    In NOC we are proud to support our business in our everyday shopping be it the lunch hour, happy hour or shopping hour. The Hospitality, Retail & Tourism Connections group will work to bring together the service industry that each of us frequent daily. Including the businesses in the Buena Park Entertainment Corridor will help to promote local tourism in each of our cities.

    Finance, Insurance & Real Estate Connections

    The professionals that are helping each of us to live the American Dream are now connecting together to continue to enhance the experiences that we have. Finance, Insurance & Real Estate agents are connecting to work together on ensuring that the market in NOC stays viable and active for the future of our workforce.

    Executive Networking Connections

    The chamber hosts our corporate partners invested in the chamber via our corporate membership for quarterly networking with other "C" Level members and elected officials from around the region. If you are interested in joining at the corporate level, please contact the chamber office.


    For more information on these networks please contact Derek Kirk at dkirk@nocchamber.com